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Empowering Your Digital Infrastructure with Versatile Networking Solutions
CCTV Backhaul

Enhance Security with Cutting-Edge CCTV Backhaul Solutions

Protect your premises with our state-of-the-art CCTV backhaul solutions designed to deliver real-time video surveillance without interruption.
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CCTV Backhaul

Streamline Your Security with Effortless Camera Installation
Forget the hassle of cables and complex setups. Our wireless video security solutions offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to place cameras exactly where they're needed. Enjoy high-resolution video streams exceeding 100 Mbps at a fraction of the cost of fiber optic cabling.
Simple. Integrated. Efficient.
We prioritize user experience with intuitive operations and integrated technologies. Manage your entire security system from a single, cloud-based platform for ultimate convenience. Save time and resources with Wioline Networks' innovative solutions.
Effortless Camera Connections: The Heart of Our Approach
We believe in making security effortless. Our multi-gigabit, low-latency wireless technology empowers you to establish a robust security network quickly and efficiently.
Enterprise Network

Empower Your Business with Scalable Enterprise Networking

Build a foundation for success with our enterprise network solutions, providing reliable connectivity and advanced features to empower your business.
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Enterprise Network

Seamless Connectivity
Hassle-free indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi and switching solutions for all business sizes and exceptional connectivity across your entire operation, boosting productivity and efficiency.
Streamlined Management
Automated ethernet switches for simplified network management and cloud-based system for easy oversight and control from anywhere.
Disruptively Low Total Cost of Ownership
Affordable solutions that deliver a high return on investment. Lower maintenance and operational costs, maximizing your bottom line.
Fiber Solutions & Fixed Wireless Services

Connect Beyond Boundaries with Advanced Fiber Solutions

Experience the future of connectivity with our fiber and fixed wireless services, delivering high-speed internet and seamless communication for homes and businesses alike.
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Fiber Solutions & Fixed Wireless Access

Fast and Reliable Connection
Providing fast and reliable internet access is essential for various corporate environments such as residential complexes, workplaces, factories, and hotels. With FWA, you can easily access all devices and manage your operations more efficiently.
Internet Access without Cable Expenses
Wireless internet access eliminates cable expenses and reduces installation and maintenance costs. With a suitable FWA solution tailored to your needs, you can establish a fast and reliable network similar to the internet on our mobile phones.
Make the Switch Today
If you're looking for a more efficient and flexible internet access solution for your business, Fixed Wireless Access solutions are ideal for you. Make the switch today and start managing your operations faster, safer, and more efficiently.
Outdoor/Indoor Wireless For HotSpot-Private Network

Stay Connected Everywhere with Versatile Wireless Solutions

Stay connected wherever you go with our outdoor and indoor wireless solutions, ensuring fast and stable internet access for public hotspots and private networks.
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Outdoor/Indoor Wireless For HotSpot-Private Network

Enhanced Coverage and Performance
Our outdoor wireless access points are designed to provide extensive coverage and deliver high-performance connectivity even in challenging outdoor environments. With advanced antenna technology and robust hardware, you can ensure that your network remains stable and reliable.
Secure and Scalable Solutions
For private networks, security is paramount. Our indoor wireless solutions offer advanced security features to protect your data and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Plus, our scalable architecture allows you to expand your network as your business grows, ensuring that you're always prepared for the future.
Ensuring Compliance with Turkish Law for Hotspot
In Turkey, Law No. 5651 requires user authentication and automatic logging and signing of log information for hotspot and open wireless internet access. Wioline takes care of all legal processes and securely establishes and storage your hotspot network.
Online Object Storage

Secure Your Data with Reliable Online Storage Solutions

Safeguard your data with our reliable online storage solutions, offering secure cloud storage and easy access to your files from anywhere, anytime.
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Online Object Storage

Flexible Storage Options
With various storage options ranging from 1TB to 10TB, you can choose a plan that best fits your needs. In every plan size, we offer regular free 'snapshot' backups, ensuring your data is always safe.
High Storage Capacity at Affordable Prices
Keeping customer satisfaction and accessibility in mind, we've kept our prices at the most affordable level possible. Starting at just $6, you can have 1TB of storage space. This provides a perfect balance to meet your high storage needs at a reasonable cost.
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Are you looking for a reliable solution to keep your data safe and accessible? Start using our Online Object Storage service today and rest assured that your data is secure and accessible. Choose us for a low-cost, high-performance data storage solution!

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