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“Satisfaction of our customers is more important than anything else”

It is our top priority for our guests to have a pleasant and valuable time in our hotel. Internet connection has an important place among our services. Unfortunately, our high bandwidth internet connection was not always at the desired level as we are located in a beautiful bay of the Mediterranean Sea, far from the city. We realised that our guests were not satisfied with the internet connection, and we took action to find a solution

Instead of laying fibre optic cables, we installed a central wireless internet connection in our hotel and started offering high-speed wireless internet access in every corner of our large hotel area. As a result, our guests started to be satisfied with the internet connection and started to give better reviews about our hotels.

“We Perfect Our Internet Experience with Wioline”

We are very pleased to work with Wioline to improve the wireless internet infrastructure in our hotel and provide a better experience for our customers.
The automatic backup system offered by Wioline has made our work as hotel management easier and our daily operations more efficient. Thanks to this, we are able to provide our customers with an uninterrupted internet service and increase their satisfaction.
In addition, thanks to the hotspot service provided by Wioline, our guests automatically have internet access as soon as they complete their room reservation. This allows our guests to take care of their business as soon as they get their room locks, increasing their comfort and satisfaction.

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