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When individuals can reliably and seamlessly access the internet, remarkable transformations occur. Businesses flourish, education thrives, healthcare advances, and our society gains the tools to contribute to a better world.
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Our focus on client satisfaction ensures a 97% happiness rate with our services.
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Our Values

Building Trust,
Not Pitching.

At Wioline, we provide essential services including CCTV Backhaul, Enterprise Network solutions, Fiber Solutions & Fixed Wireless Services, Outdoor/Indoor Wireless for HotSpot-Private Networks, and Online Storage. By offering these services, we empower individuals and organizations to harness the full potential of connectivity and drive positive change in their communities and beyond.

Environmental, Social and
Corporate Governance

Wioline aims to be a good example of corporate citizenship. We prioritize the highest standards of integrity and ethics in our global business relationships and conduct our business honestly and ethically at all times. Our reputation for innovation and integrity is extremely important to us and we have built our business on trust and ethical values. Therefore, we expect similar ethical behavior from our employees, customers, suppliers and other parties with whom we do business.

Ethical Business Policies

At Wioline, we have developed several policies to set and maintain the ethical standards of our business. We use these policies as a basic guide to the compliance and practice we expect from our employees, partners, suppliers and other business associates. Our Code of Business Conduct helps us understand how our core values are consistently translated into action.

Services and
Customer Support

We offer our customers various services such as "CCTV Backhaul", "Enterprise Network", "Fiber Solutions & Fixed Wireless Services", "Outdoor/Indoor Wireless For HotSpot-Private Network" and "Online Storage". With these services, we strive to meet our customers' business needs and provide them with the best support.

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